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Disruptive and Sustainable Business Development

Wide experience in business development to enable projects, products and innovative solutions.
Business Development
Development of differentiated strategies, focused on achieving results, preserving value and business sustainability through a complete and flexible planning to support the dynamics, complexity and new variables of the market.
Solutions to meet the challenges and the demands of disruptive and innovative business, which need to combine experience with breaking paradigms to leverage the reach of solutions in their markets and ensure the protection of the business ecosystem.
Extensive expertise in the implementation of mobility projects in Brazil and abroad, mainly related to Mobile Financial Services (m-Banking, m-Payments and others), which require maximum security for data protection and electronic transactions.


Professionals with proven background and huge expertise in International Business Development, Technology, MarComm and Innovation in products and services, with over 20 years of participation in innovative and award winning projects and solutions.

Focus on identifying and creating new business opportunities, new markets for existing products and new products to meet evolving demands.

Extensive experience in IT, Telecom, Information Security and Mobility, especially Mobile Financial Services.
From designing new ventures, through planning, feasibility analysis, structuring, and business modeling to accelerate Time-to-Market, mitigate risk and anticipate customer outcomes.

To ensure long-term relationships that are successful and full of results, achievements and achievements, we practice our core values:

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  • Solutions

    Security and user experience are critical success factors for the massification of innovative products and services, especially those that use mobile applications in their processes. At the same time, mobility is exposed to permanent challenges, threats and risks - including malware, attacks, fraud and cybercrime. Get to know some solutions (especially indicated for Financial Institutions, FINTECHS, eCommerce, among others) and protect the ecosystem of your business.
    Adding Value to Mobile Applications, Businesses and Services
    to protect your users and the reputation of your business.
    Best practices for application development.
    Best user experience and maximum security in using apps.
    Application protection against malware, attacks and social engineering.
    Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis reports on apps.
    Multiple factors for user authentication and transaction data signing.
    Solutions recognized and awarded internationally.

    Vulnerability Analysis in Mobile Applications.

    Millions of malicious apps are downloaded daily around the world, putting at risk all other apps installed on the device, such as exposing user information (including identity, card numbers, passwords, personal data, behavior, etc.) Risk of fraud and attacks. With a security analysis, you quickly and cost-effectively identify the main vulnerabilities of your application and use best practices to mitigate risk and loss, protecting the reputation of your business.
    Secure, confidential, simple-to-use SaaS solution that does not require source code for security analysis. It can be adopted in the white-label model and integrated with internal application homologation processes.
    Just submit the application and get a full, detailed, auto-generated report in minutes that includes third-party API analysis, code review and permissions, intrusion testing, and more. .
    The report identifies vulnerabilities, indicates risk classification (high, medium or low) and presents the key safety recommendations to eliminate the shortcomings presented through rapid and effective implementation.

    Strategic Partners

    Wide network of contacts and partners to support and make feasible the most diverse demands in business development and implementation of innovative and disruptive projects.